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Meet The Team!

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BroTagz™ was a vision by the founder, Donny Taylor. At the time, Donny was a flight attendant for a global airline.


One day, he was searching for ideas to make finding his bag a little easier in the sea of company-directed plain black luggage that all flight attendants have to carry.


He has always been a creative at heart, so he set out to create a tag that he could identify quickly.


The idea was to make something sleek, stylish, eye-catching but also, personal. After teaching himself to sew, he purchased his very first embroidery machine.


After making his first tag and placing it on his luggage, he started to get orders from others who wanted a personalized tag of their own.

In 2017, Brotagz™ was born.


Our story continues as we have grown from word of mouth to a fixture in the flight attendant world.

We have grown from Donny's basement to having our own space in the heart of Hapeville, GA. BroTagz™ also welcomes 2 new employees, along with Dr. Kelly Singleton who is our new Chief Financial Officer.


With his help, we now have the ability to create new styles and also add new lines of products in the near future. Brotagz™ has an excited customer base! We are so happy to continue to grow our influence and offer more products that you will love!


Thank you to each and every customer of Brotagz™ for making us the standard in embroidered luggage tags! 

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